Carleton University's Lead to Win launches cyber hub

Carleton University’s Lead to Win program launched a new initiative this week that has “huge” potential for the companies involved, program director Tony Bailetti says.

Mr. Bailetti said the new Lead to Win Cyber is like a neighbourhood within the Lead to Win city, and one that is definitely needed.

“The main driver for us doing it is the fact that what we have right now in the Ottawa area are very small companies that are selling a product which is an interesting product but is not enough of a story to be able to sell it in the global markets,” he said.

Mr. Bailetti said by collaborating in the Lead to Win Cyber hub, the participating companies will be ready for the global market faster with both collaborative and individual products.

“They’re going to collaborate with one another so the offering is more than just buy my little ‘X,’” he said. “Now you will have an ‘X-plus-Y-plus-Z-plus-W’ type of an offer in the international market, so this is a way to be able to go global with ventures. On their own, they can’t do it. As a group, we’re going to try to help them to do it.”

Ventures in Lead To Win Cyber focus on secure application security. The product mix will vary once more companies join the hub, Mr. Bailetti said.

“If there’s another company that for some reason we missed, or it makes sense to bring in, the inclusion is going to be only based on whether you’re a green in Lead to Win and whether you can add value to what’s already there,” he said.

Companies across Canada are welcome to join, but the hub will remain in the St. Patrick’s building at Carleton University.

CrackSemiconductor, Denilson, Global Cybersecurity Monitor, Kainossolutions, Vör Security, and Xahive are the first six companies to join the Lead to Win Cyber hub.