Council grants tax deferral for flood-damaged properties

Flood waters from the Ottawa River caused damage to numerous properties in recent weeks. Photo by Peter Kovessy

Property owners in flood-affected areas will be given a six-month grace period on property taxes, city council ruled Wednesday.

Home or business owners ​– primarily in the West Carleton-March, Cumberland, Bay and Kitchissippi wards ​– may be eligible for a tax deferral if the city treasurer identifies their property as being damaged by Ottawa River flooding in recent weeks. Under the motion passed by council Wednesday, tax bill payments due on June 20 can be deferred without penalty until Dec. 5.

In order to be eligible for the deferred payments, property owners must be in good standing on taxes up to the June date and flood damage to buildings on the property in question must have disrupted the normal use of the residence or business. Property owners who believe they should be eligible for the deferral but have not received a letter from the city should contact Revenue Services.

Where floods fully destroyed a building or rendered it unusable, the city may further waive, reduce or refund taxes levied on an affected property.

Council also passed a motion Wednesday instructing staff to prepare a report on proposed amendments to zoning bylaws in flood-affected areas to permit reconstruction of damaged buildings and structures. The motion also gives the city manager and chief building officer the ability to suspend demolition and redevelopment application fees for flood-damaged properties.