Feds unveil designs for $330M Library and Archives Canada building in Gatineau

The new block-shaped Library and Archives Canada preservation centre will sit behind the existing structure in Gatineau. Photo provided

A major federal construction project in Gatineau will kick off shortly, with expectations to generate “hundreds” of jobs over the coming years.

Library and Archives Canada’s new preservation centre, designs of which were unveiled at a press conference Tuesday morning, will be the federal government’s first “net-zero carbon” building. The new structure will sit behind the existing preservation centre off the Boulevard de Carrefour in Gatineau.

In a release, the feds touted the new build as a first-of-its-kind archival facility in North America and a solution to LAC’s increasingly pressing crunch for space. The centre will be constructed from clean building materials and designed to produce minimal greenhouse gas emissions while leaning on carbon-free fuel sources.

The LAC centre’s construction, valued at $330 million, is part of a public-private partnership between the federal government and Plenary Properties Gatineau, a consortium formed of Plenary Group, PCL Constructors and Engie Services. The private-sector group will design, build and finance the project as well as operate and maintain the facilities – though these costs are not included in the initial contract.

Construction will begin later this year and is expected to create “hundreds of new jobs,” according to a government release. The new archives facility is set to open in 2022.