A Lyft with Rob Woodbridge: Responsible and reliable holiday transportation

As Ottawa welcomes the season of holiday celebrations, Rob Woodbridge, the general manager for Lyft in Ottawa, is urging the community to use Lyft for transportation to and from seasonal engagements.

“We want to create awareness that Ottawa residents can leave their car at home and get into a Lyft for a reliable ride home,” he says.

Impaired driving is the leading criminal cause of death and injury in Canada with four people killed each day on average, according to Mothers Against Drunk Driving Canada and Statistics Canada.

Curbing impaired driving remains an important objective for the ride-hailing platform year-round. However,Woodbridge says Lyft is especially active during the holiday season in promoting its service to reduce incidents of impaired driving. 

“We work with businesses, restaurants, bars and hotels to make sure they know – and their patrons know – that we’re in the city and we’re helping them get home safely so they don’t have to get behind the wheel or in the passenger seat with someone who has been drinking,” Woodbridge says. 

“Lyft opens up the opportunity for you to just never, ever, ever be tempted to get behind the wheel just by calling a car on demand,” he adds.