OBJ relaunches newspaper with new format, greater reach

OBJ logo

Imagine a 24-year-old. Fully into adulthood. Educated. Physically and mentally strong. Modern in her thinking and ways. Excited for the future.

As OBJ enters its 24th year, it’s acting its age. And this 20-something demands progress!

Today, OBJ unveils major changes to its printed product (and increasingly popular digital edition).


Some will be visually obvious.

For I believe the third time in its history, OBJ embraces a new logo. I would describe it as modern and bold.

There is also a new square printed format, which aligns with OBJ’s debut newsmagazine approach, including a more edgy graphic design. (Shout-out to our longtime creative director Tanya Connolly-Holmes.) Of course, design isn’t much without substance, so faithful readers will also see changes in this issue – and more to come – in our content and regular features.

Next comes publishing frequency. Big change again: OBJ is now a monthly.

More time to create a higher-impact printed and digital-edition product. Lots more pages, too. Heft, I would suggest.

Readers will also notice “Digital Edition Bonus Content” icons that signal complementary material, such as embedded online videos and related articles from OBJ’s extensive online archive.

Finally, there is distribution. This part is good. OBJ’s printed newsmagazine will now reach more than 20,000 separate businesses and organizations. That’s all of them from Arnprior to Orleans to Kemptville.

How? OBJ has divided our region into four big zones: Kanata and Rural West, Ottawa West and South, Central, and Lowertown and Ottawa East. Each zone has about 5,000 commercial mailing addresses. Using Canada Post, every issue of OBJ will target one of these zones. It will work in a rotational manner, starting in the Kanata and moving east. (Then it starts over.)

Like that socially inclined 24-year-old, OBJ wants to meet every single business owner in Ottawa face to face. “Oh, hello there. I’m OBJ. I want to make you a more successful company.”

Let me know what you think. Send a note to feedback@obj.ca.

P.S. The people that do the heavy lifting on this are Peter Kovessy, David Sali, Craig Lord, Celine Paquette and the razzle-dazzle OBJ sales and marketing team. All credit to them.

– Michael Curran is the president of Great River Media and publisher of the Ottawa Business Journal.