Ohio company buys Ottawa’s Capital Technology Partners

Onix Networking Corp, out of Lakewood, Ohio, has purchased Ottawa’s Capital Technology Partners, Onix announced Tuesday.

Terms of the deal, including purchase price, were not released.

In a release, Onix said the acquisition will allow it to expand its product and technology offerings.

CT Partners, in business since 2003, has been a Google Enterprise Search Premier Partner for four years. Its customers come from the commercial world as well as educational institutions and all levels of government.

Its co-founder, Jeff Telford, will be joining Onix, in a position that is still to be determined.

“I think I’m going to manage the Canadian practice for Onix,” he said, “I’m going to stay on (in Ottawa) and do what I’m doing but probably in a larger capacity with some of the other products that Onix offers that we don’t.”

Mr. Telford said none of the CT Partners 10 staff and 10 subcontractors will be affected. In fact, he said the deal will likely lead to growth in the Canadian and Ottawa markets, but it’s too early to say how many staff would be added.

Mr.Telford said Onix was named Google’s global search partner of the year last year, but was not able to penetrate the Canadian market, thanks to CT Partners.

That changed today, said Mr. Telford.

“They were looking to expand into the Canadian market and it was a perfect fit for us as we were looking to expand into the other product suites such as Google Apps and Google Geo and Google Cloud so it’s a perfect fit.”

Google Canada’s national sales manager Jim Lambe has worked with both companies.

“Through the Google Enterprise Partner program, Onix and CT Partners help change the way employees connect, collaborate and grow in organizations of various sizes. I look forward to seeing how these two companies continue to support businesses of all sizes across Canada," he said in a statement.