OMB gives Glebe businesses permission to open on holidays

Retailers in the Glebe now have the option of opening for another six days a year after the Ontario Municipal Board sided with the neighbourhood’s BIA.

Thursday’s ruling allowing businesses to open on holidays takes effect immediately, which means Glebe retailers will have the option of serving customers on Thanksgiving Day next month.

“We couldn’t be happier that our members can now choose for themselves whether opening on a holiday is beneficial to their operations, or not,” Glebe BIA executive director Andrew Peck said in a statement. “Not one business is obligated to open on any or all of exempted dates, and we fully respect the choices of individual businesses, but this exemption now gives them that choice.”

One of the key factors behind the OMB’s decision was the Glebe’s proximity to the Rideau Canal and Lansdowne Park, both of which are tourist attractions, according to the city.

Municipal officials stated that at least 25 per cent of Glebe retailer rely on tourists visiting those attractions for business on holidays.

The Glebe BIA said it will distribute information packages to its members that includes materials for employees, outlining their rights under the Employment Standards Act with respect to working on a holiday.