Ontario's road to 1.5 million new homes - EOBJ Podcast

The cost of housing increased dramatically through the pandemic.

Politicians of all stripes are proposing a wide variety of remedies to the problem, and the most common one is: build more houses. Ontario's Housing Affordability Task Force and the main Ontario political parties all seem to agree we need 1.5 million new homes by 2031.

In this month's EOBJ podcast, Phil Gaudreau gets into how they came up with that number, whether we can actually build that many homes, and why this topic matters with help from Prof. Mike Moffatt of Western University and the Smart Prosperity Institute; Ian Arthur, CEO of nidus3D; and Andy Cockburn, carpenter and president of the Lanark-Leeds Homebuilders Association.

Smart Prosperity Institute report: https://institute.smartprosperity.ca/1.5MillionMoreHomes