'We’re going to take the risk with these businesses because they are part of what makes this community successful.'
'(If) you lose the summer, you’ve lost your whole year.'
Perfectly situated between Ottawa, Montreal and Toronto, one of the province’s oldest cities is in the midst of an economic boom.
Highway will be expanded from two to four lanes between Arnprior and Renfrew.
One of the province’s oldest land surveying companies announced Tuesday it was merging with a fellow Brockville-based engineering firm in hopes of streamlining its business processes. 
New offerings, such as urban rafting experiences out of Britannia Beach, are helping to tap into new markets.
Ten startups accepted new program for women-led technology companies in the Kingston-Belleville-Brockville area.
Move helps reduce the risk of supply shortages
The municipality will be the major shareholder in the facility, which is expected to employ 65 people.
Eastern Ontario business has snapped back from the previous crashes, busts and blowouts.