"Collaborations let us leverage other people's creativity by allowing them to play around with our iconic outerwearpieces."
At a new, semi-annual showcase called Shopify Editions on Wednesday, the Ottawa e-commerce giant laid out more than 100 product updates made over the last six months, including several that launch…
“For me, it’s global domination or nothing. I want it all. We can take this as far as we want to take it," said CEO Alok Ahuja.
Despite a decade and a half with little progress since Loeb closed its Booth Street store in 2006, local representatives see an end in sight for residents hungry for accessible, affordable groceries.
In a bid to maximize revenue per square foot and experiment with various store formats, ShinyBud Corp. has opened Ottawa’s first drive-through cannabis store near Carlingwood Shopping Centre.
Sandeep and Riti Gupta's premium brand of the popular spirit, Cada Dia, is now available in 40 restaurants across Ontario and in 34 states south of the border.
Getting rich fast is likely not in the cards for today’s Pokémon aficionados.
Montreal-based company plans to grow its number of fulfilment centres from six at the end of this month to as many as 20 by the close of 2022.
Bridgehead reported revenues of $3.38 million for the quarter ending Dec. 26, 2021, up from $2.69 million the previous year.
The merger of two of Ottawa's largest office furniture dealers was triggered by furniture maker Herman Miller’s $1.8-billion acquisition last summer of another leading global manufacturer, Knoll.