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  • Income splitting: What still works?

    With the introduction of the tax on split income (TOSI) rules in 2018, the government effectively ended many of the methods that Canadians – and business owners in particular – used to split income

  • Are you invested in being right?

    One of the worst bad habits I’ve seen many investors exhibit is a tendency to focus on all the reasons why what they’re doing should work out perfectly, rather than spending any time exploring why

  • Navigating the cycles – markets and otherwise

    Last year, I sold my house in Ottawa and moved to a new place where my family cottage once stood. The timing, while pretty perfect, was purely accidental.

  • COVID-19 vaccination policies for your workplace

    it is the responsibility of employers and their legal counsel to consider the circumstances of their particular workplace to assess the appropriateness of implementing vaccination policies.

  • Why I volunteer for the Ottawa Board of Trade

    I first learned about the importance of volunteerism at the dinner table, whether that was on Friday night welcoming the Sabbath, during holidays and festivals or Sunday Funday family get-togethers