From garage band to philharmonic orchestra

Decisive Technologies is a business built by its customers
Mike Smith, Joey Harrison, Richard Losier from Decisive Technologies
Mike Smith, Joey Harrison, Richard Losier from Decisive Technologies (photo credit: Mark Holleron)

It only makes sense that a vendor would want to sell you the products and services that are its bread and butter. In the enterprise IT infrastructure space, hardware vendors want to sell hardware, while cloud vendors want to sell, well, the cloud.

But what if a vendor didn’t force you to choose one or the other? Instead, it worked side-by-side with your team without bias, to assemble the best combination of on-premise and cloud IT infrastructure that meets the needs of your business.

That’s Decisive Technologies.

“We know the entire infrastructure stack,” said Joey Harrison, Executive VP of Sales. “When we talk to customers, it’s not a single problem we’re addressing, it’s the entire picture.”

A fresh take on IT infrastructure services

In 2010, Mike Smith, Joey Harrison and Richard Losier set out to create a new kind IT infrastructure services company. 

Why? Because they had each worked for the “other guys” and decided a fresh approach was long overdue.

They took over an established Ottawa brand, Decisive, and migrated it from a professional services firm to an IT infrastructure play. The next step was to assemble a specialized team of senior data centre managers, all of whom had experience working in the data centres of multinational enterprises. 

Built to last

Decisive then invested in building its own private cloud, because it couldn’t find the kind of robust, flexible architecture it wanted from the typical cloud service provider. This soon morphed into a business all its own – BriteSky Technologies.

As its revenues and market reach has grown, Decisive has invested in the processes and corporate structures necessary to support its long-term sustainability.  It has achieved SOC 2 certification for its team, data centre and cloud, and brought on board its own in-house counsel.  

Decisive recently ranked as one of the Fastest Growing Companies in Ottawa, with three-year revenue growth of 164 per cent. Not bad in what is often viewed as a saturated market space. 

Great customer service rests on a great team

“Do the right thing and do unto others have always been our guiding principles,” said Smith. “We don’t try to nickel and dime people, and we don’t try to be all things to them. We always say that we want to do ‘the meaningful work’ for our customers.”

Much of this rests with creating a workplace culture that serves to attract and retain the best in the industry. In fact, this 2015-16 Employees’ Choice Award winner has yet to lose a member of its team because they were poached by a competitor.

“You can’t blame anyone but yourself if someone decides to take a job somewhere else,” Smith said. “Management’s job is to make Decisive a great place to work.”

Happy employees make for outstanding customer service. Decisive takes a horizontal approach to managing its customer relationships. Whether its sales or technical services, customers always have more than one familiar face they can rely on. 

“Becoming a process-oriented company and a destination employer have really served to drive our growth and our reputation,” Smith said. “Our customers know we’re good guys who will work with them to get the job done right.”

How can Decisive help your business?

Local businesses to multinationals have turned to Decisive for truly flexible solutions that blend the best of the cloud and on-premise architecture. To learn more, please visit or call 613-836-3700.