How to create an effective content marketing campaign

Editor's Note

This article is sponsored by OBJ360 Content Studio.

Content marketing is considered one of the most effective means of engaging and building relationships with your prospects, sales leads and clients. But there’s a caveat: To be effective, it must be done well.

Many marketers are familiar with the concept of paid “advertorials” or “vanity pieces” featuring self-promotional narratives and hard sales pitches. Content marketing, by contrast, borrows journalistic storytelling techniques to show – rather than tell – your target audience about the effectiveness of your products and services, as well as industry leadership.

At Ottawa Business Journal, I’ve seen our clients effectively leverage our various channels and connect with OBJ’s niche audience. Working hand-in-hand with our in-house content creation team, I’ve helped clients craft their message and tell their stories.

Here are some of the hallmarks of an effective content marketing campaign:

  1. Engaging content: Regardless of the topic, content must be compelling to attract an audience. It often helps to enlist a professional writer with a marketing background. Even if you’re a skilled writer within your industry – adept at penning legal briefs or technical documentation, for example – attracting a wider audience requires a distinct voice and approach.  A professional writer, experienced at writing for your target audience, is a good investment.
  2. Publish content in the right place: Content about kittens should be on a website about pets. Content targeting business professionals should appear on a site that reaches this audience. Furthermore, you want your content on a reputable website filled with original content to organically improve your SEO. 
  3. Push your content out through as many channels as possible: Everyone consumes content differently. Your content may reside on a single site, but should be promoted via social media and newsletters to reach the largest audience possible.
  4. Strong photography and/or artwork: Professional photography and graphic design brings an additional dimension to your content. Ensure your visuals are created with your specific channels in mind. A compelling infographic on your blog, for example, might not have the same impact when resized for social media.
  5. Understand the funnel: Content marketing showcases thought leadership, builds brand awareness and raises recognition of your company and key people. It is a top-of-funnel sales tactic that initiates a trusted relationship between prospects and your brand.
  6. Brevity:  ‘Nuff said.

Wendy Baily is the director of strategic accounts at Ottawa Business Journal and has more than 20 years of B2B sales experience. To learn more about how your company can effectively use content marketing, contact her at