Ottawa's Shopify partners with Facebook, Snap on new ad-creation apps

Shopify building

Shopify is partnering with two of the world’s leading social media companies to make it easier for businesses to advertise on their platforms.

The Ottawa-based e-commerce giant announced Monday it will provide technology that allows merchants to create, manage and launch dynamic advertising on Facebook and Snapchat.

“Marketing is a challenge for most entrepreneurs,” Michael Perry, Shopify’s director of product and marketing technology, said in a statement on Monday.

“Shopify makes it extremely easy for entrepreneurs to put their products in front of potential customers with just a few clicks. With these new features, entrepreneurs are able to run digital marketing campaigns alongside where they are already managing their online store.”

Shopify already works with Facebook and Google, allowing small businesses to buy carousel ads that viewers can scroll through on their mobile devices. Snap becomes Shopify’s third platform partner.

The Ottawa firm, which provides e-commerce services to more than 800,000 merchants, says the new service will small businesses to create Snapchat Story ad campaigns through a new app on Shopify’s platform. The app will help merchants track sales and feature specific products in their campaigns.

Facebook’s dynamic ads will target specific customers on the social media giant’s platform. Those ad campaigns can now be synched directly with merchants on Shopify, opening the door to real-time updates on pricing and product availability.

In a blog post on Monday, Shopify said it plans to introduce more features later this year to make creating and buying ads simpler for small businesses that want to tap into the reach of social media platforms such as Facebook.