Ranzure Networks Getting Set to Move the Mobile World into 5G

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Introducing the new kid on the tech block; Ranzure Networks. Ranzure , seed funded by anchor investor Mitel Mobility, is a growing new company focused on bringing 5G to the planet. 

5G mobile technology is focused on enabling operators to meet the demands of an ever more mobile world. 

Ranzure may be a young and aspiring company, but its founding team (Erik Boch, Pardeep Kohli, Ashok Khuntia) have plenty of successful history in the technology start-up game. They’ve started several new companies that have successfully made their way to IPO or acquisition;• Spatial Wireless (now Alcatel)

• Mavenir Wireless (now Mitel Mobility)

• DragonWave 

So what is Ranzure’s focus? “Ranzure is developing 5G Cloud RAN technology which changes the way mobile networks are deployed and the services that they can deliver to the mobile world” says Erik Boch, co-founder and CTO of Ranzure.


Mobile networks have been going through an evolutionary process over the past few decades … 2G…3G….now 4G …. Each bringing small incremental improvements. There comes a time where a new coat of paint isn’t the solution …. It has to renovated. “Ranzure’s solution is a revolutionary new way in which mobile networks will be built and how they’ll delivery next-generation ultra-high capacity services to our mobile devices” says Pardeep Kohli, co-founder and Ranzure’s CEO. 

Ranzure is currently growing its R&D operations to fuel the development of revolutionary Cloud-based SW and highly deployable, auto-configuring micro basestations that will deliver 1000 - 10000X the capacity of current mobile networking solutions at a fraction of their costs. Ranzure’s solution is unique in that it can be deployed as an underlay, without disturbing the operator’s legacy 4G network. 

“Ranzure’s revolutionary approach to mobile networking is going to give mobile operators globally a cost effective mechanism to meet the performance challenges that they face as they move forward into the ever-more-mobile world of IT we live in” says Terry Mathews, Mitel chairman.