Patron: OPES Wealth Management - Profile of Success

It’s rare for a wealth management company to consider much beyond your financial portfolio. But that’s not the case at OPES Wealth Management of IPC Securities Corporation.

In addition to providing their clients with professional wealth management services, the Ottawa-based company has developed a Living Well Concierge Service that can address any component of a client’s life. From finding realtors to in-home care to fitness experts, the Living Well Concierge Service has a roster of professionals available to OPES Wealth Management clients in an effort to provide full support regarding all of life’s avenues.

“This is a virtual office for your family,” says Dean Trudeau of OPES Wealth Management. “When the need for a specialized service or counsel arises, we invite you to turn to our team as your first point of contact. We will work alongside select, trusted professionals who will perform high-level assessments of your objectives and options. Throughout this process, we will confirm that all components of your plan are harmonized for optimal results. As a client of ours, you have exclusive access to specialists covering the various facets of your personal and financial life.” The idea to create a Living Well Concierge Service came when a client expressed her desire to find trustworthy professionals in any field.

“We take care of traditional wealth management, but if a client has a problem, we intervene on their behalf and help arrange for the service,” explains Trudeau. For instance, one client couple had parents living out West who needed in home medical attention. Eight hours later, medical help arrived, all thanks to OPES Wealth Management. “They needed help, and we worked hard to get that care to their parents’ front door.”

OPES Wealth Management goes well beyond the traditional concept of wealth management; instead, they have redefined its service offering by providing exclusive service that connects their clients to trusted professionals who will help address any need that arises.