Techopia Live: Pythian side business Tehama secures the international workforce

If your business has ever tapped a third party or remote worker for services, you might be familiar with the logistical and security headaches that come with a far-flung workforce. Gene Villeneuve, senior vice-president of Pythian’s new business unit Tehama, stopped by Techopia Live this week to share how the firm’s international history inspired it to solve this problem with a new SaaS offering.

Tehama offers enterprises a secure platform to work with third-party vendors and freelancers. Through an outbound connection, businesses can create a safe space to work with service providers around the world without giving external workers access to sensitive data, keeping the company compliant and saving the need to ship out laptops or monitor work directly.

“They need to ensure that whomever they bring in to that perimeter, to work on mission-critical, data-sensitive applications, that they need to extend that security perimeter … to everybody they bring in to the ecosystem,” Villeneuve told Techopia Live.

Villeneuve joined Tehama earlier this year from a career that saw him bounce back between Ottawa and Paris with firms such as Cognos and IBM. He said that Pythian CEO Paul Vallée’s penchant for hiring world-class, international talent inspired the company to build out the Tehama functionality more than a decade ago.

The parent company launched the Tehama brand to the world two weeks ago at an event in New York. Villeneuve said the move was partly practical – New York state is one of the only places in the world that has legislated the need for financial service providers to secure third-party connections – and partly symbolic.

Tehama senior vice-president Gene Villeneuve. Photo by Craig Lord.

“New York is the heart … of financial services,” he said. “By launching the Tehama capability in New York, we’re sending a message … that we’re ready for that market.”

Tehama plans to spread its solution in a network model. The hope is that if one large bank, for example, asks a global services firm to use Tehama for its interactions, that provider may adopt the software for its own interactions. Villeneuve says the company has received interest from Amazon WorkSpaces, which wants to show off the product at future events.

“We’re really thrilled with what we have and our pipeline is amazing,” he said.

To hear more about Tehama’s SaaS solution, watch the video above.