Why getting away from the office is the best way to forge better, more productive bonds

Getting out of the office to enjoy downtime translates to greater success
The Calabogie Peaks Hotel
The Calabogie Peaks Hotel

The team that plays together, stays together, says Kim McKenney, president of Dominion Lending Centres (DLC) The Mortgage Source. In her company’s case, the playing happens in June at Calabogie Peaks, where the DLC team of agents and industry partners gather to enjoy the great outdoors and each other’s companionship. “Our annual event at Calabogie allows new employees at the firm to get to know their colleagues better, which helps them forge stronger working relationships.”

“We also enjoy having people bring their spouses to Calabogie. Ours is a demanding industry and the hours can be long so we want our families to have a chance to enjoy some down time in a great atmosphere.” 

Kim is convinced that giving colleagues and spouses the opportunity to relax together and have some fun definitely creates a more positive work environment. “We all support each other much more effectively as a result of getting to know each other better. We’ve had some really great friendships develop as a result of these events at Calabogie. People stay onsite, they hang out together and they really become connected. I think getting out of the office is crucial to making this happen.”

While DLC The Mortgage Source has held events at other, larger resorts, Calabogie Peaks has proven to be a favourite destination for the team, explains Kim. “Particularly appealing to us are the accommodations. It is hard to find a spot that can work for 60 or more people but Calabogie has enough space and the calibre of the facilities is amazing. The resort’s compact size means it feels more intimate and it’s easier to have the whole group hang out together in the evenings. Best of all, we appreciate having the opportunity for some of the group to enjoy condo-style accommodations so those who want to stay up late can do so in a way that is fun but doesn’t disrupt those wishing to sleep. Those who are in hotel rooms consistently rave about how spacious they are and what a fantastic view they get to enjoy.

During the day, Kim and her team take advantage of Calabogie’s many amenities. “We love that there is something for everyone. The golfers really enjoy a chance to play the onsite course but there are also lots of options for the non-golfers, including the lake, hiking, the pool and more.”

Kim says that one of the reasons they particularly look forward to gathering at Calabogie Peaks is that it helps her colleagues cement their corporate values. “We have worked hard to develop a very good culture at DLC The Mortgage Source. Our success can certainly be directly attributed to the fact that we emphasize the sharing of ideas and knowledge. The closer our people are, the better they work together, and our time at Calabogie really helps achieve this. I fully believe it’s a worthwhile investment for us because it supports the growth and long term success of our firm.” 

While Kim is full of praise for the activities and accommodations at Calabogie, she’s also happy to highlight the meals her group has enjoyed there. “The food is truly amazing. The chef comes up with a new summer-themed menu each year, including lots of barbequed items, and everybody always loves it. The portions are generous and the service is great. It’s always professional but not at all stuffy. The meals are a big part of the appealing atmosphere at Calabogie Peaks, which is very down-home, relaxed and super accommodating. I’ve never heard a single complaint from anyone we’ve brought to the resort.”

The Calabogie Peaks Hotel

Calabogie’s location in the heart of the Ottawa Valley is also perceived as a plus by the DLC The Mortgage Source group. “It is a beautiful one hour drive for those of travelling from Ottawa and other attendees who come from as far west as the greater Toronto area and as far east as Cornwall find it similarly easy to get to.” 

Kim is happy to offer advice to other companies considering Calabogie Peaks as the location for their conference. “I would absolutely recommend it. The level of service the team at Calabogie provides is exemplary and the location plus activities available are absolutely fantastic. I’d offer a word of caution – if you are thinking about holding an event you should book early! They are getting busier there every year because it’s no secret that Calabogie Peaks is an ideal spot for corporate groups. We can’t wait to go back – our whole team is excited for our next event there.”

To book your next corporate event at Calabogie Peaks Resort, please visit www.calabogie.com or call 1.800.669.4861.