Get OBJ delivered to your office every month

obj delivery

For a small delivery fee, you can receive hand-delivered copies of OBJ right to your office.

With news, features, analysis and lists, OBJ's monthly newsmagazine pays dividends to its readers!

OBJ has partnered with local technology company Fusebill to create a secure and easy delivery order system. The fee is $8 per month. This is a flat fee. It does not fluctuate with the number of copies. Pick the right number for your office – typically anywhere between one and 25 copies. As a bonus, delivery also includes a selection of OBJ's popular annual industry guides and magazines as they are published throughout the year.

Delivery typically occurs the last week of every month.

IMPORTANT: Delivery is only available urban Ottawa, meaning Kanata in the west, Barrhaven in the south and Orléans in the east.

Click here to visit OBJ's e-commerce delivery page, brought to you by Fusebill.

P.S. If you're located outside of urban Ottawa, you can receive the digital edition of OBJ's monthly newsmagazine by email each month by clicking here.