TiECon Canada 2022

TiECon Canada 2022

TiECon Canada is the TiE’s (The Indus Entrepreneur) Canadian flagship conference for start-ups, entrepreneurs, SMEs, industry veterans, investors and other members of the Canadian business community. TiECon Canada is the largest event of its kind in the Ottawa region. It features daring entrepreneurs, top start-ups, technology leaders, investors and hottest technology sectors. TiECon Canada provides an opportunity to Canadian entrepreneurs to network, learn and advance in the entrepreneurial endeavors. TiECon Canada 2022 will be held on October 27 and October 28, 2022.

TiECon Canada 2022 - Ticket Pricing

Take advantage of the early bird special prices below.

Members                          $149

Non-Members                 $169 (Non-members guests register at the same price)

Start-Ups                          $99   (Early-stage start-ups and PichFest applicants)

Students                           $99   (All students)

Gala (Members)               $99    (Per attendee. In addition to the conference ticket)

Gala (Non-Memebers)    $125  (Per attendee. In addition to the conference ticket)

Gala Table                        $1000 (Reserved corporate table of 8 with company logo.

                                           Promoted as a Corporate Table at the event)

Non-members registering for TiE annual memebrship at $100 will receive the member price of $149 for the conference. Pick the option "Event Plus Membership Special


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