OBJ360 content & digital marketing

Whether your business is working to improve its branding, generate and nurture new sales leads, connect with your audience, or to raise your public profile - OBJ360 can help.

We leverage the visibility of our affiliated publications, and extensive experience in designing and executing print and digital marketing and advertising campaigns to offer clients unprecedented access to Ottawa’s B2B community.

The "media company" approach to marketing

The OBJ's unique situation as a leading voice in Ottawa’s business community, with over 17 years of experience in advertising, design and content creation allows us to provide clients with expertise in both the creative and campaign management aspects of multi-media marketing projects.


Through OBJ360, we offer comprehensive marketing services.  From design, to content and digital marketing, we provide unique and creative campaigns tailored to the needs of our clients.

Content marketing

OBJ has spent almost 25 years honing its skill as an expert B2B communicator. That includes publishing hundreds of newspapers, dozens of speciality magazines and literally tens of thousands of online articles. Our content marketing starts with a journalistic perspective. Where will readers find value? How do we help them?

Introducing our Content Studio

We have the resources you need to create compelling content - all the way from inception to design.

Our team of staff and freelance writers have a combined depth of experience drawing on editorial, journalistic, blog, copy, technical and narrative writing styles.

Whether you need high- quality images for print or digital, we’ve got you covered. Our photography team are able to create professional-quality photos for editorial, advertising or content marketing pieces.

With both in-house and freelance videographers, we are able to offer a wide range of video creation services including on- location video shoots, video editing and design, and live streaming.

Our creative design team has extensive experience enhancing the efficacy of publications and content pieces gained through years of magazine, newspaper and online publishing. Our design services include graphic design for text, image, print and web based content pieces.

Sponsored content & expert bloggers

Expert blogs provide give you the chance to become recognized author, demonstrate your expertise and harness the SEO power by placing your blog content on the OBJ.ca website.

Sponsored content give you the opportunity to work with an OBJ writers to  craft engaging content profiling your business, brand or product.  Articles are published using our channels to the OBJ.ca website, Ottawa Business Journal newspaper and OBJToday email newsletter.

Digital marketing

From digital advertising to multi-media marketing campaigns - we do it all.  Across our own digital channels - OBJ.ca, social media channels and daily email newsletter, we command an extensive digital reach.

Harness the power of our digital audience with:

  • Banner advertising
  • Email news alerts
  • Expert blogs
  • Sponsored content
  • Voken advertising
  • Wallpaper campaign
  • Email marketing
  • Social media campaigns (on Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn)

Introducing programmatic advertising

Canadians spend (on average) more than 36 hours on online browsing, typically visiting 80 websites every month. With programmatic advertising we’re able to display ads on websites across the internet - to your target audience.


Websites with available advertising space list that inventory using various exchanges such as the Google Display Network. We’ve partnered with US-based technology firm to access that inventory using an automated system that tracks target user activity and bids on ad space in order

to post and display online ads to a target group based on variables such as behaviour, demographic and/or geography.


Our service guarantees a 0.1% response rate, access to powerful online reporting tools, and the ability to reach your clients, from the comfort of their own computers.

Let's talk marketing

Through out content, digital and advertising services, we love to find marketing solutions that meet the needs of our clients.

Whether you're looking into marketing for the first time, or are an established business interested in trying something new, we'd love to sit down and discuss our marketing philosphy with you.

To book a marketing consultation, please contact Terry Tyo by email or call 613-238-1818.