Ottawa Film Office

Film, TV and animation company is opening an office in downtown Ottawa next month and says it plans to create dozens of local jobs in a bid to tap into the region’s growing talent pool.
Industry veteran takes over as head of the not-for-profit Ottawa Film Office from Bruce Harvey, a former entertainment lawyer and film producer who launched the organization in 2017.
Advocates say Ottawa’s film sector is bolstering the city’s economy and helping to support small businesses through a difficult year of lockdowns
A proposed film hub that would bring four state-of-the-art sound stages to Ottawa’s west end has moved another step closer to reality
Two sizeable projects got the green light from Ottawa’s planning committee Thursday.
From his office in what used to be known as “Animation Alley,” Chris Wightman sees an industry drawing momentum from a world-class talent pool and state-of-the-art facilities.
After decades of false starts, failed proposals and plenty of plot twists, the push to build a facility where major movies and TV shows could be filmed in Ottawa moved a step closer to re
Ottawa now has a state-of-the-art TV production studio to call its own, but the man who built it says the city is still a long way from landing a sound stage that will attract big-budget Hollywood
Clint Eland echoes a refrain familiar to many CEO in Ottawa’s high-tech sector these days: his office is bursting at the seams and he says he couldn’t find enough skilled workers to fill th