Ottawa software company reported total revenues of $5.21 million for the three-month period ending June 30, up from $4.84 million a year earlier.
Kanata-based company, which trades on the TSX Venture Exchange, made headlines earlier this year when its anti-riot technology was used to disperse Freedom Convoy protesters in Ottawa.
Staff reductions are part of a company-wide effort aimed at reducing Kanata software firm’s overall expenditures by 20 per cent, or about $4 million a year. 
Netherlands-based MPO makes a cloud-based subscription software platform that helps ensure merchandise flows smoothly through all steps of the order and distribution process.
Ottawa-based software giant is billing Shopify Collabs as a way to help creators cash in on their online popularity while exposing e-commerce businesses to new consumers.
Ross Video has become the first Canadian Compassionate Company (CCC), making it the company many employees want to stay with until retirement.
One of the best-performing sectors during the pandemic, the technology sector is now facing a challenging time as a reversal in fortunes has companies tightening their belts.
Ottawa-based cleantech firm will be overseeing the removal of contaminated soils, concrete and water at a site in Montreal’s east end on behalf of client Linde Canada.
Telus Corp. is trying to add a 1.5 per cent processing fee for customers who use a credit card after a class action settlement cleared the way for merchants to add the surcharge starting this fall.
Kanata-based firm cites supply-chain disruptions for decision to revise high-end revenue projection downward to $585 million for fiscal 2022.