Internet of Things

Between the moon, autonomous vehicles and a slew of other use cases, CEO Jason Lee believes SmartCone can do it all without sacrificing its momentum
KRP Properties’ best practices approach turns rivals into allies
Quarterhill’s subsidiary International Road Dynamics lived up to its global name this week, securing a $6.4-million transportation system contract through a joint venture in Ukraine.
FedDev Ontario is giving a boost to Ottawa’s SmartCone Technologies in hopes of getting its smart city safety device onto streets sooner.
A made-in-Ottawa Internet of Things device will work alongside one of the world’s most powerful artificial intelligence systems in an attempt to minimize worksite hazards.
One of Ottawa’s hottest tech firms announced Monday that it’s bringing one of the city’s most vaunted tech executives back into the game to lead the company’s scaling efforts.
A glut of under-utilized real estate in office portfolios around the world has brought enormous customers such as Amazon and Starbucks to the door of Kanata-based Internet of Things firm
The Internet of Things is an extension of the internet that interconnects things with the people and computers already there.
For building owners, up-front capital expenditures translate into a larger return on investment down the road.
As our world grows ever more connected, important questions arise about cybersecurity and how we operate on a day-to-day basis.