Software company has seen demand for its platform that streamlines the medical research process for academics, health organizations and other agencies skyrocket during the pandemic.
Company said this week it’s reached an agreement with Toronto-based Apolo III Acquisition Corp. to complete a reverse takeover.
Locally headquartered startup uses proprietary data and AI technology to offer lending and cash-flow management services to small businesses.
Chief executive Roger Eacock says rapid COVID-19 tests are poised to make local biotech company a force on the 'international stage.'
E-commerce powerhouse’s stock price dipped nearly 14 per cent ​– or more than $185 ​– to $1,173.53 on the Toronto Stock Exchange on Monday.
Ottawa-based software company says it now expects revenues for current fiscal year to fall between $220 million and $223 million, up from earlier projections of between $216 million and $220 million.
Company says it hopes to get Health Canada’s approval to market the test “in the coming weeks.” 
CEO David Ross credits employees' innovative solutions for helping the firm post revenue growth of 3.9 per cent in fiscal 2020.
Local companies' leaders said they needed to shake up their C-suites if they wanted to maintain growth trajectory and compete on a global scale.
Ten-day pilot project pilot project will see a six-person electric vehicle travel a 1.5-kilometre loop at speeds of up to 15 kilometers per hour.