Ottawa 2017

For Guy Laflamme, executive director of Ottawa 2017, something is different now: It’s hard to see Ottawa as the sleepy town where fun goes to die any more.
Ottawa in 2017 is an adventure. As we celebrate the 150th anniversary of Confederation, the capital is abuzz with activity, enthusiasm and visitors!
Capital Gaming Expo’s new owner hit the reboot button on the annual event this past weekend, bringing Ottawa’s gaming community together with industry leaders from inside and outside the city.
The event is a high-collision rally car race, capped off at the finish line with “the series’ signature 70-foot jump.”
In anticipation of the upcoming Ottawa 2017 celebrations, InsideTrack approached Guy Laflamme, executive director of the 
The Ottawa 2017 Bureau will look no further than a Kanata startup for its solution to managing the thousands of volunteers expected to lend their hands during the city’s year-long bash to c