A new $200-million electronic procurement platform, money to fix up the National Capital Commission’s crumbling assets and a new pay system for public servants are some of the ways the 20
Give us a year, and we'll build a working replacement for the trouble-plagued Phoenix pay system, one of the country's biggest civil service unions told the Trudeau Liberals on Tuesday.
A critical report about the federal government's problem-plagued pay system says officials underestimated the project's complexity and seemed to ignore warning signs before giving it the
Problems with the federal government's public service pay system got worse over the last month as pay system employees struggled to process changes to civil service contracts, the department respon
The federal government's bug-addled public service pay system saw a fresh spike in problems last month, the result of new labour contracts and summer hiring, officials said Friday.
Government officials say they've turned the corner in trying to fix the troubled Phoenix civil service pay system.
The minister responsible for the federal government's troubled payroll system says she's more concerned about paying employees who haven't received what they're owed than she is about recouping mon
It's unlikely that any single person will be held accountable for the government's failed employee pay system, a senior federal bureaucrat told a news conference Wednesday.