With January here and the holiday season tucked behind us, we face a month known for broken resolutions, ghastly credit card bills, homes stripped of holiday cheer, and bleak winter weather.
Retired VP of retail at Colonnade BridgePort to continue raising funds for Royal Ottawa Foundation for Mental Health
Business leader to help Ottawa company grow and expand independent adult lifestyle communities to rest of Canada
Ottawa sporting retailers work to keep up with demand for ski equipment as public looks to escape to the outdoors
Entrepreneur to attempt marathon, three-day fasting, hour-long rope skipping, four-hour water submersion and, oh, he's just getting started
Industry hopes local ‘guests’ will become tourism ambassadors, encouraging out-of-town friends and family to visit Ottawa
Never underestimate the value of social media and your online voice
E.R. Fisher Menswear, Sukhoo Sukhoo Khooture, Chapeaux de Madeleine adapting to restrictions on social gatherings, work-from-home trends
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Tech sector’s relative strength may help it address its long-standing labour shortage by attracting students to the industry.