Fastest Growing Companies 2016

Fullscript CEO Kyle Braatz will never be accused of lacking ambition – a drive that is reflected in his vision for his company.
When tech veterans and longtime friends Paul Butcher and Jim Stechyson each found themselves looking for a new business challenge a few years ago, it didn’t take them long to hit upon the perfect b
Saleh Taebi might have started his business in a niche market, but it’s grown well beyond that.
With the federal government’s long sales cycles, focusing on public-sector clients isn’t usually the way to grow a business quickly.
Fast growth comes with its own unique challenges, says Fusebill CEO Tyler Eyamie.
Jason Flick’s business just keeps growing.
MediaStyle believes it’s as important for companies to have a strong social conscience as it is to maintain a robust balance sheet.
HazloLaw – Business Lawyers continues to challenge the status quo as a boutique firm.
Big data has become big business for Ottawa-based Napkyn.