Fastest Growing Companies

These companies achieved exponential growth, all while nurturing company culture, striving for sustainability, and overcoming supply chain bottlenecks.
Our top 10 are a diverse bunch, but all have been challenged by their rapid growth, especially in this difficult economy. Here are numbers 10 through six
This year's top 10 recipients remind us of the other side of the pandemic story.
Later this week, we’ll be revealing OBJ’s top 10 fastest-growing companies for 2022. Learning about our top 10 is a bit like reading the story of the past two years.
Annual competition is a unique opportunity for local enterprises to be recognized for substantial, sustainable and profitable growth over the past three years.
Navigating through one of the most tumultuous periods the global economy has ever endured makes this year’s honour extra special for the local tech firm.
Executives say the residential construction company owes its growth to its knack for hiring the right talent as well as happy customers who’ve generated buzz for the firm through word of mouth. 
Canadian airports have begun testing the technology, with the European Union expected to follow suit soon.
Former CD Warehouse co-owner Stephen Bleeker wanted to 'start a business that had a social component'
Bootstrapped company is looking to grow its footprint in the U.S. market in 2021.