Familar face in Kanata North has been named Canadian space technology giant's vice-president of corporate communications.
Ottawa-based company reported revenues of $190 million for the three-month period ending March 31, down from $208.7 million a year earlier.
The three-year contract is valued at about $16 million, with options for an additional two years.
Company said it lost a contract with a major North American direct-to-home broadcast customer and saw revenues from clients in the aeronautical and maritime industries dip during the pandemic.
The Quebec government will receive a $200-million equity stake in the cutting-edge satellite network and will also provide Telesat with a $200-million loan.
Deal to acquire MDA's Canadian and U.K. operations includes Kanata-based robotic vision company Neptec
The Canadian Space Agency will look to some Kanata-based expertise in the design of a new lunar rover for the next generation of moon missions.
With a combined eight decades of experience in Canada’s space sector, the newly-merged team of MDA and Ottawa-based Neptec Design Group
The Canadian Space Agency has awarded communications giant MDA two contracts to assess possible Canadian contributions to future space missions beyond low-Earth orbit.