Tony Staffieri faced questions from MPs about whether a lack of competition in the telecom sector might have contributed to the massive Rogers outage earlier this month.
One former telecom executive says there is the risk of creating a situation where a competitor's network becomes overwhelmed and service is ultimately degraded.
 A Friday outage from Rogers Communications Inc. resulted in some small businesses losing thousands of dollars, which they fear the telecommunications giant won't fully compensate them for.
"The outage is illuminating the general lack of competition in telecommunications in Canada," said Vass Bednar, executive director of McMaster University's master of public policy program.
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JoeComputer continues to look for opportunities to place new towers in underserved areas.
With video calls and remote access becoming hallmarks of doing business amid COVID-19, companies across Ottawa are understanding that not all internet connections are created equal.
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Kanata North has proven itself much more than a one-trick pony since that telecom bubble of years past. It’s thriving in a number of other markets.