Queensway Carleton Hospital Foundation

People tell us all the time that if they need to be in hospital, they want to be at Queensway Carleton Hospital. That’s because we are focused on healing people.
After decades of hard work and hustle, Shannon Gorman finds herself exactly where she wants to be
The gala grossed $464,127 toward the west-end hospital’s $6-million Hopes Rising campaign to expand and renovate its acute mental health unit
Clearly, generosity is in season. The Queensway Carleton Hospital reaped a bumper crop of support at its fabulous spring soirée, held Thursday out at the award-winning Saunders Farm.
Last fall’s Diwali Gala was an extravaganza of lights, music and dance held at a fan
Evening raises $420,000 for Hellenic Community and Queensway Carleton Hospital