Small business

The hiring incentive and two other programs aimed at hard-hit businesses are scheduled to expire in early May.
Ottawa marketing firm Danger Co. will provide free marketing support to all Ukrainian refugees looking to start over in North America as entrepreneurs, the company announced. 
Former Torontonian Patrick Burke says he immediately felt a "community spirit" in the Glebe after moving to Ottawa in 2020.
With the trucker convoy and protests continuing in Ottawa for a second week, downtown business owners and employees are calling on various levels of government for support.
Small businesses in the city would like to see their loans wiped off the books to help them crawl out of the hole they dug through the pandemic.
Initiative expected to also provide relief to small, local businesses
Purchases of goods and services from Ottawa small businesses to help community's most vulnerable.
Campaigns to benefit Shepherds of Good Hope, Ottawa Mission, Food Bank, Boys and Girls Club — and local business owners
Ottawa Special Events partner and Algonquin College prof brings concerns of small business owners to attention of all governments
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