Smart & Biggar

A group of Ontario firefighters-turned-entrepreneurs have found a way to make battling flames a safer business – not only for first responders, but for the environment.
The team at Smart & Biggar can help businesses establish an internal IP strategy that can maximize the effectiveness of their patents and trademarks.
List includes a manufacturer of ultra-efficient solar panels, a fast-growing software firm that sells an e-commerce bug-detection platform and a pharmacy dedicated to cancer patients.
HEXO knew it had to be proactive in securing a strategic portfolio of intellectual property (IP) assets – including patents, trade secrets, trademarks and copyrights.
Awards will be offered across eight categories.
The annual event is a celebration of self-funded start-ups and entrepreneurs from a variety of categories. 
An Ottawa-made hydroponics system, a solution for healthier eating in the workplace and a sport hijab maker are among this year’s best bootstrapped firms set to be honoured next week.
Elliott Simcoe is one of Ottawa’s busiest patent agents, though you’d never know it by looking at his office inbox.
A federal court has awarded Dow Chemicals a $645-million payout in its intellectual property infringement case with Nova Chemicals, in what the Ottawa-based lawyers representing the firm