Best Ottawa Business Awards

The awards highlight the innovation, leadership and success of dozens of companies in Ottawa and recognize organizations that are driving economic and community growth. 
Annual event spotlights the innovation, leadership and prosperity of dozens of companies in the Ottawa region.
Annual award ceremony goes virtual in its celebration of Ottawa’s most successful businesses and their leaders
List of this year's best in Ottawa business includes a massive real estate deal, several up-and-coming tech firms and Canada’s most valuable publicly traded company.
Annual awards spotlight the region's top local companies and entrepreneurs.
A $29.6M funding haul earlier this year is helping the Ottawa-based startup make its mark in the AI space
In the latest OBJ newsmagazine, publisher Michael Curran takes a different perspective on some of the tough business news of the day
Humility permeated every speech from the marquee award winners at Friday evening’s Best Ottawa Business Awards, as the local community turned out in droves to honour the city’s brightest business…
In recognition of her myriad of contributions to Calian’s success, Gauthier is OBJ and the Ottawa Board of Trade’s 2019 CFO of the Year
A feel-good business deal, some up-and-coming tech firms and one very newsworthy former cannabis executive are among the 2019 crop of recipients for the Best Ottawa Business Awards