Christmas Cheer Foundation

Annual fundraiser kicks off holiday season with celebrities, song, entertainment in support of 21 local charities
Ontario Premier Doug Ford made an appearance at this year's Christmas Cheer Breakfast, which was narrowly saved from cancellation thanks to MPP Lisa MacLeod
The Christmas Cheer Breakfast will go on after all, organizers confirmed Monday, after a late-game cancellation due to lack of venue was quickly reversed with some help from the Ontario g
In a post on the Christmas Cheer Ottawa website, organizers wrote that due to “unsurmountable challenges finding a suitable venue,” there will be no breakfast event this December
What began as a bitterly cold walk to a charity breakfast in predawn darkness soon turned into the stunning sight of a 40-foot Christmas tree, with twinkling lights, on prominent display
The only way the Christmas Cheer Breakfast could've been more festive was for snowflakes to start falling gently from the ceiling of the Westin Ottaw