National Access Cannabis

With the specifics of the Ontario government’s plan to privatize the sale of cannabis still a little hazy, Joël Dubois knows he has his work cut out for him this winter.
Ottawa’s National Access Cannabis (
Second Cup Ltd. says it is actively reviewing locations in Ontario for potential conversion to cannabis retail stores in light of policy changes in the province.
The buzz around Canada’s legal marijuana market has turned Ottawa’s National Access Cannabis (
In a bid to finance an aggressive cannabis retail push into western Canada, Ottawa’s National Access Cannabis (
A haze of regulatory uncertainty surrounding marijuana marketing has Ottawa pot producers and investors worried, even as local companies position themselves to capture a slice of the new
Ottawa’s National Access Cannabis is staking its claim to Western Canada’s retail cannabis market with the help of coffee shop Second Cup.
Ottawa-based National Access Cannabis has acquired Cannabis Care Group, expanding its reach into the medical pot market and adding 40 Canadian ph
As anticipation for legal recreational marijuana reaches new highs, one Ottawa cannabis company doesn’t want consumers – or investors – forgetting about the medical side.