After leading their ventures to new heights despite the pandemic, the founders of some of Ottawa’s top companies took time out to kick back, relax and celebrate their accomplishments on Monday night.
“For me, it’s global domination or nothing. I want it all. We can take this as far as we want to take it," said CEO Alok Ahuja.
This year's top 10 recipients remind us of the other side of the pandemic story.
Startup that provides just-in-time delivery services also topped OBJ's list of fastest-growing firms earlier this year and was of 28 local companies in the Globe rankings.
Management reboot comes at a critical time for the Ottawa-based company, which is aggressively grabbing market share in the rapidly growing last-mile delivery space.
The 52-year-old has been replaced by Ian Gardner, a California-based executive who’s been working with GoFor to electrify the firm’s fleet of delivery vans.
'GoFor, without a doubt, has the potential to be a many billion-dollar company'
Top-ranking firm recorded three-year revenue growth of 5,319%.
It’s the second major VC raise of the year for the 110-person company, which landed $9.8 million in seed funding back in June.
Online dispensary was one of 19 companies from the National Capital Region to make this year's rankings.