Tomlinson Group

“It’s somewhat of a similar role to what I was doing at Keynote but it’s on a bit of a larger scale because the company is quite a bit bigger," said Turk.
Artist has been commissioned to complete ongoing series of paintings for Tomlinson Group's headquarters
Pouria Ghods and his colleagues at the Ottawa tech firm aren’t just paying lip service to fighting climate change ​– they have a concrete plan of action.
Supply chains, skilled labour and workplace safety are among issues facing Ottawa's construction industry
The machine boring out a new sewage storage system below the nation’s capital had a major breakthrough Monday
The gala grossed $464,127 toward the west-end hospital’s $6-million Hopes Rising campaign to expand and renovate its acute mental health unit
Christopher Simmonds Architect creates ‘a sense of community’ in new home for Tomlinson Group
One of the city’s largest heavy construction firms made relatively quick work of a decades-old pedestrian bridge this weekend, demolishing the aging structure above the Queensway and maki
An investigation into Tomlinson Group’s management of an Osgoode landfill has some city officials questioning whether the firm – one of Ottawa’s largest heavy construction companies – sho