Parliament Hill

Several firms with an Ottawa presence are among the companies that have qualified for a design competition aimed at restoring and modernizing the historic buildings.
Free "digital passport" allows users to get discounts and special offers from more than 60 local tourism businesses.
Parliament Hill’s Centre Block building is set for closure next month, putting the capital’s most iconic structure under wraps for more than a decade.
In less than three months, the centrepiece on Parliament Hill will go dark for at least a decade.
Parliament Hill's iconic Centre Block won't be shutting down this summer, delaying the start of a badly needed renovation until at least next year.
Several NCC members expressed a desire that the building not be covered with scaffolding and plain white tarps, but instead the NCC consider a printed tarp that would include an image of the building.
Ottawa residents and people from across the country will soon be able to lace up on Parliament Hill as the $5.6 million rink nears completion.
It’s been scientifically proven that getting outside has a profound effect on the brain.
Tourists and residents will be able to play shinny and skate a lap on Parliament Hill in December, as the government announced plans Thursday to construct a rink on the east lawn.
After some two years of construction, work on a new $130 million visitor centre at Ottawa’s most iconic tourist attraction is entering one of its final phases.