Byward Market

Councillors gave a unanimous thumbs-up to the plan that would see pedestrian plazas set up along major streets and a “destination building” replace the Clarence Street parking garage.
Area could be an incubator for testing how to support small businesses in a post-COVID economy, creating the walkable, sustainable community we all aspire to – but city's new vision falls short.
Campaigns to benefit Shepherds of Good Hope, Ottawa Mission, Food Bank, Boys and Girls Club — and local business owners
According to a city report, the latest proposal aims to be a “roadmap” for reimagining the Market as a more walkable, less traffic-congested neighbourhood.
STUNNING! Fashion + Accessories shop buoyed by e-commerce sales, customer loyalty and decision to pivot toward more comfy-cozy clothing trends
Church says its current house of worship on the corner of King Edward Avenue and Clarence Street is too small for its growing congregation.
Bars and restaurants have seen capacity reduced due to COVID-19 restrictions.
Well-known business joins growing list of downtown eating establishments that are permanently closing their doors due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Closure comes as city looks for ways to support ByWard Market businesses.
You can’t keep the Irish down, that much was clear at the annual Irish Canadian Luncheon hosted Friday, March 13 by the Heart & Crown in the ByWard Market.