After leading their ventures to new heights despite the pandemic, the founders of some of Ottawa’s top companies took time out to kick back, relax and celebrate their accomplishments on Monday night.
A provider of free tech for seniors, an eco-manufacturer, a skincare brand, a fast-growing software firm and a pharmacy dedicated to cancer patients are among this year's recipients.
Our top 10 are a diverse bunch, but all have been challenged by their rapid growth, especially in this difficult economy. Here are numbers 10 through six
This year's top 10 recipients remind us of the other side of the pandemic story. has grown its headcount from three to 20 since March 2020 and expects that number to jump to 50 by next year. 
Three-year-old startup says new SaaS-based tool will help 'level the playing field' for SMEs competing against corporate giants for ad space on social media.