Orl​éans-based company has spent years developing drugs designed to mimic the pain-killing and anti-inflammatory benefits of cannabis without major side effects.
Ottawa startup awaiting regulatory approval for portable device says partnership with world-renowned U.S. research facility will help further develop its technology.
Ottawa biotech startup has raised $7.5 million in fresh funding as it looks to capitalize what it says is the continued need for "a decentralized, laboratory-quality" test kit.
Ottawa firm that's pioneering a process of regrowing spinal cord tissue and other body parts using plant-based materials has attracted big-name investors to boost its R&D efforts.
Spartan filed for creditor protection and laid off two-thirds of its 90 employees after facing continued questions about the reliability of its COVID-detecting lab-in-a-box.
Ottawa biotech firm says it is restructuring in the wake of a “higher-than-expected level of inconclusive results” from its rapid COVID-19 testing device.
PanTHERA Cryosolutions says it’s secured a $4-million investment from a pair of U.S.-based firms to help get its solution ready for market over the next two years.
Ottawa biotech firm predicts revenues will top $200 million this year ​– and only rise from there.
Scientists at Satellos Bioscience are working on a drug that will help regenerate muscle tissue in patients who suffer from Duchenne muscular dystrophy.
Startup hopes special designation will help it gain faster approval for revolutionary “biohacking” technology.