Invest Ottawa

Invest Ottawa-based firm's patented technology that collects carbon dioxide and converts it into a valuable mineral compound is expected to be ready for market later this year.
Iranian-born entrepreneur's fast-growing software company looks to capitalize on global opportunities in the energy space.
New product offerings, a shift to online sales and better use of digital marketing are some of the strategies Ottawa merchants are employing to engage customers in new ways.
Ottawa program's second edition will culminate in a pitchfest with a minimum of $100,000 in investment on the table from local women angel investors.
Celebrate International Womxn's Week alongside Invest Ottawa and other local leaders.
The accelerator's annual “graduation ceremony” for up-and-coming software-as-a-service startups will once again take place remotely this April ​– but with a few twists.
Pandemic drives shift from B2B to B2C
Shopify vice-president of growth Luc Levesque and Invest Ottawa vice-president of human resources Heidi Hauver are two of the 11 recipients being recognized for their contributions to the community.
Ten-day pilot project pilot project will see a six-person electric vehicle travel a 1.5-kilometre loop at speeds of up to 15 kilometers per hour.
Trademark registration startup Heirlume takes home $150K grand prize at inaugural event.