Drug companies and a number of world leaders argue the measure would only slow down production.
Higher deficits and debt in the coming years could limit the ability of a government to introduce any new, permanent programs without spending cuts or tax increases.
In a bid to win back loyal customers and attract new ones, MEC is rolling out new membership benefits that include discounts on services, exclusive promotions and access to outdoor activity and…
The study also found that Canadians have a high ability to detect whether a brand demonstrates a short-lived act of compassion to take advantage of the pandemic.
Figures suggest economic activity can quickly bounce back when the virus is contained.
'American tax dollars are going to be used to buy American products, made in America, to create American jobs.'
Province will give employers up to $200 a day for what they pay out through the program.
Central bank pulls forward its expectations for when the economy will be strong enough to handle a rise in rates.
The Liberals are extending rent and wage programs while at the same time phasing in hiring subsidies, microgrants to help companies move online and allowances for capital investment expenditures.
Critics say the federal Canada Recovery Sickness Benefit has had poor uptake because it is more akin to the government's employment insurance program than paid sick days.