Galtronics releases made-in-Ottawa 5G antenna product


An antenna firm that came to Ottawa last year hoping to harness the capital’s telecom talent has released its first 5G-enabled product.

Galtronics, a subsidiary of Toronto’s Baylin Technologies with R&D operations in Kanata South, said Friday its new antenna device is equipped for the coming wave of 5G connectivity. The antenna, given the catchy name GP2712-06367, bridges 4G and 5G networks by covering both current and soon-to-be-licensed frequency bands.

The firm’s made-in-Ottawa products are designed for high-density Wi-Fi demands, such as in stadium and arena environments. The firm provided wireless internet at the NHL’s all-star game earlier this year in Tampa.

Minya Gavrilovic, head of Galtronics’ local operations, told OBJ a year ago that the company came to Ottawa to find “A-players” in telecommunications. Baylin CEO Randy Dewey said in a statement on Friday that the firm’s Ottawa expansion has revitalized Galtronics.

“The sales team is very excited about the engineering solutions that are being developed by the exceptional engineering team at the brand-new Galtronics Canada facility in Ottawa. The team is well-poised to solve current and future industry needs.”

In recent years, Ottawa tech firms, organizations and government officials have positioned the capital as a potential leader in emerging 5G networks.