Startup launched five years ago as a backup platform for Shopify merchants only local company to crack the top 50 in newspaper's second annual rankings.
Longtime tech exec praised for "vision and years of dedication" to building fast-growing Kanata firm.
Free platform allows patrons to enter their personal information into a secure database upon entering an establishment.
Rezoning hiccups, delays in securing a site plan agreement and conflicts with sub-contractors can lead to delays and cost overruns. Here's how to preserve the financial viability of a project.
Ottawa-based tech firm says fewer than 200 merchants whose stores were illegitimately accessed are at risk of having had their customer data exposed.
Silicon Valley company helps customers send and receive money transfers via blockchain technology.
Sensor Cortek's trailblazing AI technology that helps autonomous vehicles detect pedestrians and other cars is capturing the attention of some of the industry's biggest names.
Elsewhere, testing and laboratory firm Dynacare – which has more than two dozen locations in the National Capital Region – says it is developing plans for "the initial rollout" of saliva-based tests.
Ottawa organizations are members of joint Canadian-European program to build “flexible and scalable” antennas that will help transmit data in 5G and high-frequency satellite bands.
E-commerce giant will pay Planetary Hydrogen to remove carbon dioxide from the air while helping to fund company's groundbreaking research.