An Ottawa-based high-tech company is shifting its focus to a simpler solution that could solve some common COVID-19 concerns while funding a more rapid response to the pandemic
Shopify says it is suspending its financial outlook for the year because of the uncertainty stemming from COVID-19.
An Ottawa-based biotech firm says orders are pouring in from across the world for its handheld device that’s designed to produce COVID-19 test results in as little as half an hour
An Ottawa-born pharmaceutical company is teaming up with the National Research Council in a bid to develop a vaccine that will target COVID-19 as well as two other deadly coronaviruses.
Our current crisis is teaching us that social spaces within our increasingly dense urban places matter, writes Architects DCA president Toon Dreessen
While most Ottawa kids are struggling to fill their days amid an unexpectedly extended March Break, two young entrepreneurs in Kanata are finding opportunity in the disruption and launching their f
CEO Kevin Ford said Calian “remains stable” and is still on track to reach its projected fiscal 2020 revenue targets
Ottawa-based Ruckify is putting its rental platform to work for the United Way and its clients left vulnerable by the COVID-19 pandemic
Ottawa tech CEOs are joining their counterparts across the province in calling on the Ontario government for immediate relief to maintain the sectors’ operations through the COVID-19 disruptions
The CEO of Kanata’s Martello Technologies says the era of COVID-19 will test companies that haven’t prepared their business and their workforce for long-term stability