Chalk River

From small community services to large non-profits, Eastern Ontario's non-profit organizations play their own role in driving economic and social change and development.
The “bubble detector” produced by BTI is designed to detect harmful radiation and protect both astronauts in space and people on Earth from the risks of exposure to radiation.
Lab and Atomic Energy of Canada have announced that their primary priority is disposal of the “legacy” nuclear waste at the Chalk River facility.
Renfrew County startup enables its customers to create a virtual map of their business and populate it with their products.
Goal is to have a design ready to turn over to domestic manufacturers by the end of this month.
Travel two hours northeast of Ottawa to Chalk River, and you’re likely to see the Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL) – a complex established after the Second World War to provide nuclear research…
An Ottawa Valley defence and security firm is leveraging Renfrew County’s skilled workforce and high-tech investments to protect some of the world’s biggest sporting events.
Ottawa-based Nordion announced Tuesday it has signed a memorandum of understanding with Bruce Power  for the supply of High Specific Activity Cobalt-60, also referred to as medical-grade Cobalt.