Build in Canada Innovation Program

An Ottawa software developer is taking the Government of Canada to court, alleging a federal department is using its intellectual property without paying licensing fees – a claim the feds dispute
Months of pitching the feds on its blockchain data storage solution appear to have paid off for Ottawa-based Leonovus as this
A local startup is helping the federal government take its first steps into the blockchain with a pilot program to publish open data on grants and other financial contributions.
The Ottawa startup hoping to revolutionize personal DNA testing has pivoted its portable solution to detecting airborne Legionella bacteria in office buildings.
An Ottawa-based startup’s technology will power a network of climate and solar measurement systems across Canada after receiving a contract with the federal government.
An Ottawa cybersecurity company is taking its solution to market with the feds behind it, thanks to a program focused on giving startups their first step into the industry.
A local company that is taking advantage of federal tech testing programs also got a boost from last week’s GTEC conference in its bid to spread its form-streamlining software throughout the federa